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Murphy's Vault is the creation of Connor Murphy, an artist and generally quite tall guy with a passion for games and awesome art! *Twirls imaginary mustachio*.

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Here at the Vault, we offer thousands of Magic: the gathering singles: Pauper, Standard, Modern, Commander, Legacy and Vintage

Booster boxes and packs from all standard sets, a wide range of accessories (including custom playmats!)

Our community is growing every day, with over 350 registered players, 6 days of tournaments per week, 7 in-house Judges, a local team (who compete all over the world) and staff who love everything MTG :)

With regular Grand Prix Trials, Pro tour Qualifiers, Game days, 5-6 prereleases per set and multiple format FNM's - Murphy's Vault lives Magic!

Our recent additions include Final Fantasy TCG, products and tournaments!

Hope to See you at the Vault!

-Connor, Tai, Frazer & Hayden

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We have 24-32 seating spaces for customers to play, split over 6-8 tables.

Use of gaming tables is £2 per person or £1.50 with membership.

A games room for hire (perfect for role playing sessions and with space for 8 people - tables and chairs provided) 

What we sell


Magic: the gathering, Final Fantasy TCG - Dungeon & Dragons

Magic singles: commons , uncommons, rares and mythic rares.

Final Fanatsy TCG singles

Board Games


Dice, sleeves,card albums, deck boxes and more.

Custom Playmats!

Edinburgh's MTG singles shop!

Connor (pictured above)

Age: 31
Hometown: Comber, N.Ireland
When did you start playing Magic, and why? I picked up a learn to play vhs when I was a kid, then had a 2-year stint from around the time of Futuresight & Lorywn. I started back again at Return to Ravnica and been at it ever since!
Favourite card? Inverter of Truth, it's so bizarre I try to find a space for it in any deck.
Favourite format? Commander
Favourite deck? Sisters of Stone Death/Golgari or my Sek'Kuar deathkeeper /Jund deck.
Favourite set? Lorwyn
Favorites food? BBQ Ribs
Other interests/hobbies? Digital art, Dungeon & Dragons, sculpting miniature & costume design.


Age: 27
Hometown: Edinburgh
When did you start playing Magic, and why? I started playing magic on November 10, 2015, the day Connor Opened Murphy's Vault. One of the staff at the time gave me an intro game where I was playing the Origins Pia and Kiran Nalaar intro deck and I've been hooked since then
Favourite card? Thunderbreak Regent, this is the first card I bought for a deck
Favourite format? Commander
Favourite deck? I can't decide on 1 but I can cut it down to 2. Both my Surrak Dragonclaw Dragon tribal and Gitrog Monster commander decks are my favourites
Favourite set? Unhinged/Unglued and Return to Ravnica, I can't pick just 1
Favorites food? Lasagne
Other interests/hobbies? I've been producing various styles of electronic music for around 13 years, it's one of my favourite ways to relax. 
I'm also a pretty big video game collector, my current mission is to finish a complete UK PS2 collection...it's taking a while


When did you start playing Magic, and why? Midway through 2013. It was the end of Ravnica and the start of Theros. I started because Connor enthused our friend group to get back in to magic!

Favourite card? Dutiful Thrull. No idea why, it was the first card I fell in love with.Favourite format? Kitchen Table

Favourite deck? Saporling / Fungus Tribal
Favourite set? Lorwyn
Favorites food? ALL OF THE FOOD
Other interests/hobbies? My main interest / hobby is RPG's. I run 2 games per week, and have been playing for nearly 18 years.


Age: 24
Hometown: Livingston
When did you start playing Magic, and why? I started playing Magic when Shadows over Innistrad came out, I joined in on a draft with friends at one of theirs and I was hooked from there on. I already enjoyed the game, playing the odd game with a friend's decks, but as I bought in for the draft I just dove right in.
Favourite card? Liliana, The Last Hope
Favourite format? EDH
Favourite deck? My Zombie Tribal deck, I love zombies!
Favourite set? Shadows over Innistrad
Favourite food? Ramen
Other interests/hobbies? I enjoy reading, playing video games and travelling. Meeting new people and learning new things is are very fun for me too.